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The best online skill games are listed below. All games are free of charge. Play and have fun!

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Play skill games for free

While in a lot of other games you only need some luck to win, you have to try really hard when playing games of skill. For example when playing online roulette, the only one you can hope for is Fortuna; in these games you have to follow the game yourself. Skilfulness is in demand! Let's be honest - shooting and running around doesn't make the evening anymore after a while.

For instance, in Red Bug's Puzzle you for once don't have any control of your game character. That is why it's impossible to stop the greed for raspberries that drives the little bug. Thus, one doesn't have another choice but clear the bug's way from barriers. But this isn't always easy, because bugs like these can neither jump very high nor do they enjoy half of the lawn ending up on top of their heads.

The right thing for real man however is a job on the salvage yard. You have an important task as a crane operator: piling up junk cars and pressing them into huge cubes by using the scrap press. But unfortunately you only have a certain amount of time given, and the total weight as well. Additionally you need to pile up the wracks all neatly by using a fickle reacher; you won't have any chance on this salvage yard otherwise!

Purple Hill requires a steady hand and good eyes. A purple bowl needs to be guided its way by clicks. Unfortunately the allowed amount of clicks is even more limited than the already very short time. In return it is possible to unlock a new cheat every time after accomplishing a couple of levels!