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The best online puzzle games are listed below. All games are free of charge. Play and have fun!

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So far… now we get to a category for the strategists among you. Here you can find a summary of interesting puzzling games and brain teasers, which might leave some of you desperate. Kidnapped by Aliens, Super Blux and Flashpipes are only a few of the exciting adventures that await you.

You can experience a special adventure in the game Zigmond 3. You slip into the role of a detective who travels through various levels and collects important items for the clarification of a crime. Naturally, the way won't be open for you right away. First you need to adjust items, like drums or mirrors. These for example reflect laser beams. In case the time gets scarce you can save your progress with only one click.

In Lightbot you must tell a robot a set of orders which he has to carry out one after another. The game reminds of the programmable robot "Niki" from informatics lessons from school. Online training for the brain muscles. :-)