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Jump'n'Run games are the classics among the slot machine games that could be found everywhere in outdoor pools and pubs in the 1980s. Frostbite continues the legend in a flawless Donkey-Kong manner and adds a little bit of Pac Man. The aim is to reach the mountain top, even though, as an exception, you won't find a princess waiting for you there. The player collects bonuses, jumps from platform to platform and shirks monsters. Additionally to the common operations it is also possible use a special kind of lasso to heave yourself up to the next layer. Furthermore you can use the lasso to fight the monsters. Try doing that in Donkey Kong.

In Happy Heks you slip into the role of a friendly witch who is in search of the ingredients for her next potion. Unfortunately, a lot of bunnies scamp around on her way through the forest, which need to be ungently swept out of the way with the broom. This game is a cute, harmless adventure game, guaranteed G-rated.

Fight your way through caves, jungles, forests and mines in Prehistoric, Maple Story, Jumping Bananas, Grizzly Adventure or Diamond Den.