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The best online action games are listed below. All games are free of charge. Play and have fun!

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Simple doesn't always imply boring. Simple action games like Ninja Rinseout are the best proof for that. In the night in downpour you can sneak through the night and wear down your opponents. Preferentially undetected and in an ambush - you aren't a ninja in vain after all. The control of the game doesn't demand more than six keys on the keyboard. When having nabbed all enemies in one frame, you can jump into the next level on the right - a small reminiscence to jump and run games.

In Bandit Gunslingers, you play the biggest outlaw in the whole Wild West on the chase after money, glory and the black cowboy. But be careful: you mustn't shoot civilians, other way it'll be "game over" soon. Another option: Achilles (swordplay in ancient Greece), Charles 007 (ego shooter), Bounty Killers and The Heist.

As all games work via flash, the system software is subordinate, as long as you aren't using a 486 CPU for the web.